An Al Fresco Farcical Double Bill for Summer 2021, perfect for easing us all out of Lockdown and back into the theatre…


“What the Butler Tasted”


Thursday 20th May in the Chelsea Physic Gardens

(7.00 pm till 8.30 pm, £20.00 includes half a bottle of wine!)

(for tickets: or contact David on 07939077999)



The Al Fresco farcical double bill ‘What the Butler Tasted’ features the famous “Dinner for One” sketch blended into a unique theatrical wine tasting, that takes place on and off stage in the Chelsea Physic Garden. 



A beautiful English Physic Garden, the evening sun setting, Lockdown rules ebbing away, wine flowing….what could possibly go wrong?  

(if the weather doesn’t allow we will be indoors in the Gallery!!)



National Theatre,  West End,  TV and Film actors Joanna David, Roger Ringrose and David Bark-Jones unite in a wish to celebrate the return of live theatre wherever and whenever they are allowed. To see the effects of simultaneously tasting wine and acting please book………

(Tour planned…..Theatr Clwyd dates TBC)



‘Pop Up’ Theatre at its most versatile…..We can perform in any outdoor or indoor space with set up times of minutes.


Prior to Lockdown, we performed in many and varied open-aired venues including Chelsea Physic Gardens,  hotel lawns, private gardens,  teepees,  orangeries,  conservatories, as well as indoors in theatres, company boardrooms,  company offices,  foyers,  pub dining rooms………


Corporate Options for Spring/Summer 2021:
1. “Dinner for One” is the most broadcast comedy sketch in history (15mins).  
2. “Les Amateurs” is a ‘lecture’ about wine tasting by a professor who abhors slides (25mins).
3. Fat and Thin is a One Act Short by Anton Chekov (10mins).
4. Any Combination of 1 to 3 (30/40 or 60 mins ).
5. Any Combination of 1 to 3 with a sponsored alfresco related wine tasting (90 mins).



For more information, contact David Bark-Jones on 07939 077999, or email: