The Play

I’d been acting for nearly 30 years, and was writing a short play inspired by the famous Judgement of Paris Wine Tasting, which I had initially hoped to get put on in a theatre, when my best pal pointed out that the simple premise of a pompous lecturer getting himself hopelessly drunk, whilst tasting wines during a ‘Lecture’, sounded better suited to an event for his City friends, than a normal, theatre going audience.

I first showed the farce to Will and one other at his house, and over the last two years, thanks to a huge amount of support from Acting and Directing Colleagues as well as top Wine professionals, it has slowly but surely evolved into a ‘pop up’ wine tasting event like no other, with Wine Host, Wine Merchant and Actor all engaging in multiple interchanging roles.  Wine hosts ‘acting’, actors ‘lecturing’ about wine and top wine merchants ‘hosting’.

Massively irreverent, completely absurd, hysterically funny, the event becomes, I believe, as if by stealth, also fascinating and informative.

It turns out, fortunately, thanks to it’s farcical nature to have mass appeal, and my ambition is to find it, a West End home after all. 

Our new wine farce “The Club Bore” will will be available this Autumn.

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Judgement of Paris 1976 (Wine)

The revolutionary ’76 wine tasting that democratised the wine world….click on the bottles to find out more.