“Hugely entertaining format…….yet again your lecture “THAT GOES HORRIBLY WRONG” kicked off the evening perfectly…….like the singing waiters but more fun…….”

William Campion, CEO, Campion Capital







“Hoylake members, present at what they thought was going to be a House Committee wine tasting evening, were reduced to helpless laughter when “Professor” David Bark-Jones and his accomplice “Dr John White”, James Clarke, took over the tasting in a hilarious skit on the dangers of taking the world of wine too seriously….it was a wonderfully entertaining and happy evening.  Just what golf clubs are all about.”

Nicko Williams,  Hoylake, RLGC 






Chelsea Physic Garden Oct1copy

The Play – this was epic – in fact one would expect to pay handsomely to see that in the West End!  Immediately generated an immense amount of energy and engagement in the room and set the evening up wonderfully well.  10/10″

Billy Gammon, CEO, VIP Escapes







assistant 5
“Hilarious drunken fun”

Simon Lees-Jones, Director, JW Lees Brewery.








Chelsea_Semillon (4)

“What a fantastic evening last night.  It was one of the funniest things I have seen, it really was – had me in stitches.  I think you have a brilliantly unique concept which could deliver to the masses.  I can’t see why you cannot replicate last night on a regular basis – friends/businesses etc.  It is pure genius.

Mark Foulds, Head of HNW, ETX








“We all enjoyed it very much, you guys are really good, it was informative and fun…..”

Patricia Caro, Director of Administration, Palamon Capital Partners Ltd






 ” Wow, we had the very best theatrically entertaining evening ever!”

 Khalid Elbishwali, St James’ Theatre